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The Hood Internet like Mariah Carey almost as much as our friend Liz does

I just found this Hood Internet mash-up. It kinda ruuuuuules. It’s called “Bring the Tabloid Scores” and includes Public Enemy‘s “Bring the Noise” on top of Nosaj Thing‘s remix of HEALTH‘s “Tabloid Scores”.

The Hood Internet – Bring the Tabloid Scores (Public Enemy vs. HEALTH) [MP3]

The Hood are busy putting together their third official mixtape, set for release at the end of August. They’ll be playing two sets at the Monolith Festival in Colorado on September 14. After a few scattered gigs around NYC and Chicago, the duo will be hitting up CMJ once again (last year’s show totally ruled!) and Mexico City after that.

As if they weren’t busy enough, the Hood entered Mariah Carey’s remix contest. The rules? Remix her latest track, “I’ll Be Lovin’ U Long Time” (ew) and if you win, you become her “top friend” on MySpace for a month. The Hood’s mix pins Carey against Dosh. Czech it:

The Hood Internet – I’ll Be Lovin’ U If U Want To (Mariah Carey vs. Dosh) [MP3]

Just when it seems it can’t get any weirder with the two, it does. Since The Hood are LOST fanatics, they created this viral video that mixes clips from the series with an MC Luscious track. The joint is deceivingly called “LOST Season 5 Sneak Preview”. I know virtually nothing about LOST but this song is buck.


Countdown to The Hood Continues

The Hood Internet at CMJ (Courtesy Of Alison Arida)

When you woke up this morning, were you totally like, “Only 3 days until The Hood Internet defiles my ears with their phat mashed-up beatz!!!”? Yeah, me too. Be prepared, because this Friday DJ’s ABX and STV SLV are going to get your booty’s shaking in ways you never thought possible. Not going? You don’t want to be the person responsible for missing this show. It marks the end of the first week of Final Exams for us, so let’s all party together and get buck wild. OK? It’ll be one of the craziest things to happen to St. Louis since the Girl Talk tasering hot mess..

The Hood Internet | Rob Steele | TBA @ The Bluebird, Doors: 8:30, Cover: $7/$10, 18+
[Edit: DJ Lil Daddy Reba McIntire (Eric Hall) will also be opening]
For venue information, visit the Bluebird’s website.

The Hood Internet – When The Last Time I Left You (Clipse vs. The Avalanches) [MP3]

The Hood Internet – We Are Mikey! We Are Rock! (Le Loup vs. The Cool Kids) [MP3]

It’s Hood For the Soul

Is it too good to be true? Because The Hood Internet is coming to St. Louis. Alison and I have been long awaiting for the arrival of THIS concert. Although we are sad that we won’t be seeing them in the convenience of the Billiken Club, we really aren’t going to complain. I’ve already made an event on Facebook, that’s how creepy obsessed I am. I don’t really know how I’m going to stress how awesome The Hood Internet is and how awesome this show is going to be. This is so dear to me that I’m even going to say final schmnals. But I’m going to reveal to guys that Alison and I might be alter egos of the hood and that the world might explode once we meet, but being at the show will some how save you. I think your LIFE is reason enough to go to this show. So the info is FRIDAY, May 9th at 8pm(?) at The Bluebird. So prepare yourself for a crazy night because Toe Taps and Spastic Claps are going to get buck wild for sure.

DJ SLV STV (The Hood Internet) – Blazin’ Kryptonite [MP3]

New Track From Hood Internet!

(A Hood Internet creation)

The Hood Internet posted a new track today.  I’m not sure if we stress enough how tight they are.  They love R. Kelly, we love R. Kelly, we love them, and one day they will probably love us.   The Chicago, IL dudes are basically our remix-master heroes. In case you don’t know,  ABX and DJ STV SLV regularly post remixes and mash-ups that they create on their site, (where you can download this track and manymanymany more) along with cleverly Photoshopped pictures of the artists/musicians on the track.  Their latest mash-up has pinned Webbie against Black Moth Super Rainbow, and it is a real bangin’,  psychedelic treat.

Webbie vs. Black Moth Super Rainbow – Drippy I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T [MP3]

Keeping The Internet Real is The Hood Internet

I don’t think its been clearly made known that TT&SC have an outstanding obsession with The Hood Internet. The duo are based out of Chicago and have been known for their amazing indie mashups, including the most famous R.Kelly’s “I’m a Flirt” vs. Broken Social Scene’s “Shoreline”. If The Hood Internet had a cult, we’d definitely be the first to join it and this makes them a top contender for The Billiken Club‘s fall lineup.

As well as making great music, they also are quite the connoisseurs of Photoshopping. I might as well mentioned that Alison recieved a lightning bolt saber from them when they performed at CMJ.

Get it, girl!

The Hood Internet is wayyyyy too legit to quit. But recently it just has to be known that there is a seed of love that’s been planted for the likes of R. Kelly. We have grown to believe that any mash up done with his name in it will be great and it has yet to be proven otherwise to us. You can d/l a track of R. Kelly’s “Hook It Up” vs. Rogue Wave’s “Endless Shovel” as well as Crystal Castles vs. Nice & Smooth. But definitely go to the website to d/l more endless, beauteous mash ups FOR FREE!

Endless Hookup – DJ STV SLV (The Hood Internet)

I Rhymed Slow in 1991 – ABX (The Hood Internet)