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God Warrior of the YEAR!

God Warrior of 2008!

Robert Kelly aka R. Kelly, Kellz, The Pied Piper

You knew this was coming.  We were thinking that we would choose the best god warrior out of the list that we already had, but we truly have yet to honor this man.  He has made many appearances on our blog although his moral standings may seem suspicious and skeptical, we love him for the mere fact of his great tunez and insane persona.  Sir R. Kellz of Chi-Town, please continue being completely out of yo mind. For without you, we would not be able to experience such great classics as “Trapped in the Closet” (all parts).  If you haven’t seen the series, I highly recommend you go do it now, or even better is to go buy it on DVD and watch it on HD TV. R. Kelly, you truly are one of a kind and may you continue to protect the name of GOD. Favorite videos of TT&SC below.

R. Kelly – Real Talk

R. Kelly – Trapped in the Closet Part 1

Please check out some R. Kelly mashups by The Hood Internet

Our Favorites include I’m A Flirt ( Shoreline),  Endless Hookup, and Kellstone for the Painfully In Love


I am thankful for R. Kelly

…and R. Kelly is thankful for America!

Why haven’t I seen this sooner?

Chicago Rocks!

Well, Pitchfork just had a post about how much Chicago rules.

So I had to goose that energy and tell you guys that The Hood Internet, also Chicagoans, have just dropped their most recent mix tape entitled The Hood Internet vs. Chicago which includes–as you might expect– Chicago artists. Highlights include R. Kelly, The Cool Kids, Kid Sister, Mahjongg, The Chicago Bears, Kanye West, Smashing Pumpkins, etc! I just have to say I’ve been waiting for a Mahjongg mashup for a long time as well as another Kellz jam. It’s been way too long since The Hood has made one of those. I mean currently it’s the town where you will both see Alison and I, so… basically Chicago Rocks! WOOOOO! Check you guys on the flip side.

The Hood Internet – 80s Problems (Tha Basix vs Mahjongg) [MP3]

The Hood Internet – Kells-tone For The Painfully Alone (R. Kelly vs Casiotone For The Painfully Alone) [MP3]

New Track From Hood Internet!

(A Hood Internet creation)

The Hood Internet posted a new track today.  I’m not sure if we stress enough how tight they are.  They love R. Kelly, we love R. Kelly, we love them, and one day they will probably love us.   The Chicago, IL dudes are basically our remix-master heroes. In case you don’t know,  ABX and DJ STV SLV regularly post remixes and mash-ups that they create on their site, (where you can download this track and manymanymany more) along with cleverly Photoshopped pictures of the artists/musicians on the track.  Their latest mash-up has pinned Webbie against Black Moth Super Rainbow, and it is a real bangin’,  psychedelic treat.

Webbie vs. Black Moth Super Rainbow – Drippy I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T [MP3]

Do’s & Don’ts: Deertick and Brimstone Howl

This week, we’re doing something different with Stylin’ & Profilin’. We were at the Deer Tick, Brimstone Howl, and Theodore show tonight at The Billiken Club in St. Louis and were able to style and profile members from two of the bands. Instead of praising each individual for their amazing style (and attitudes!), shit got straight convoluted. So, we are doing the Do’s and Don’ts of effective Stylin’ & Profilin’ conduct. Take note, y’all!

Do: John McCauley, singer/songwriter from Deer Tick

I was simply taken aback by his California Raisins tattoo. What an homage! Little did we know, but McCauley is an avid collector of all things California Raisins, which we think is quirky and just too perfect. His tattoo artist was lovely enough to take a screen-capture of one of the many great commercials and turn it into the greatness that is his tattoo.

Also, note the Vanilla Ice eyebrow! Did someone say “fresh”? According to McCauley, that’s what happens when you play around with barber shears while under the influence. Who knew? Although he hadn’t slept in over 48 hours and the band’s tour bus broke down, causing them to miss a show, McCauley was still a gem.



Don’t: Calvin, stand-in drummer from Brimstone Howl
Sheesh. Where do I start? First off, we loved his coat, hopefully it wasn’t real fur. I asked, he didn’t know. Don’t get us wrong. I mean, who wears shit like that in the Midwest and isn’t Whitney Houston? With that, if you’re going to rock a straight-up raccoon-looking fur coat, you better work.
When I approached Calvin about Stylin’ & Profilin’ him for our blog, his response was to the effect of , “You can put someone else’s face over mine.” Shoulda known at that point that Calvin and I weren’t riding on the same ferry-boat.
But I toughed it out, figuring he might come around. After I took the photo, I asked him a few Q’s:
Where did you get your coat?
“My friend gave it to me.”
Do you feel like R. Kelly when you wear it?
“No. I feel like myself.”
Wrong answer, friendo. Here’s the problem: You can’t act like you’re not wearing that to get attention, homeboy! If ya thought I was tryin’ to hit on you because of it, you tweakin. And, you look like Eminem in it, anyway!
Kells didn’t like your attitude, either.


Keeping The Internet Real is The Hood Internet

I don’t think its been clearly made known that TT&SC have an outstanding obsession with The Hood Internet. The duo are based out of Chicago and have been known for their amazing indie mashups, including the most famous R.Kelly’s “I’m a Flirt” vs. Broken Social Scene’s “Shoreline”. If The Hood Internet had a cult, we’d definitely be the first to join it and this makes them a top contender for The Billiken Club‘s fall lineup.

As well as making great music, they also are quite the connoisseurs of Photoshopping. I might as well mentioned that Alison recieved a lightning bolt saber from them when they performed at CMJ.

Get it, girl!

The Hood Internet is wayyyyy too legit to quit. But recently it just has to be known that there is a seed of love that’s been planted for the likes of R. Kelly. We have grown to believe that any mash up done with his name in it will be great and it has yet to be proven otherwise to us. You can d/l a track of R. Kelly’s “Hook It Up” vs. Rogue Wave’s “Endless Shovel” as well as Crystal Castles vs. Nice & Smooth. But definitely go to the website to d/l more endless, beauteous mash ups FOR FREE!

Endless Hookup – DJ STV SLV (The Hood Internet)

I Rhymed Slow in 1991 – ABX (The Hood Internet)