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Super Music Video Saturday!

All right. I don’t have individual videos like I did last time, but there is this epic video that has inside look on the LA noise scene via Pitchfork TV. Its called 40 bands in 80 minutes and takes place at the II Coral. The premise is that the venue gives major noise bands only 2 minutes to show all they’ve got. I think this video is pretty old because HEALTH looks pretty young, but they are performing one of their best songs. The video also includes some of our favorite noise bands: Abe Vigoda, Bipolar Bear, and HEALTH. It is quite spectacular and available on the site for only a week, so go watch it now!!! Sorry I wish I could embed it on the site, but alas P4k would not allow me to do so or I just don’t know how.


Chicago Rocks!

Well, Pitchfork just had a post about how much Chicago rules.

So I had to goose that energy and tell you guys that The Hood Internet, also Chicagoans, have just dropped their most recent mix tape entitled The Hood Internet vs. Chicago which includes–as you might expect– Chicago artists. Highlights include R. Kelly, The Cool Kids, Kid Sister, Mahjongg, The Chicago Bears, Kanye West, Smashing Pumpkins, etc! I just have to say I’ve been waiting for a Mahjongg mashup for a long time as well as another Kellz jam. It’s been way too long since The Hood has made one of those. I mean currently it’s the town where you will both see Alison and I, so… basically Chicago Rocks! WOOOOO! Check you guys on the flip side.

The Hood Internet – 80s Problems (Tha Basix vs Mahjongg) [MP3]

The Hood Internet – Kells-tone For The Painfully Alone (R. Kelly vs Casiotone For The Painfully Alone) [MP3]

Pitchfork Television

It’s not that I don’t already spend enough time on the Pitchfork website, but they had to introduce Pitchfork.tv. Now I’ll never get to sleep because I’ll be up watching concert archives of !!! and High Places all night. But this somewhat new website (yeah yeah I know I’m behind on this post) features concerts, interviews, artist spotlights, and of course, music videos. Not only is it sad that the only place we can really watch music videos these days is online, but it is quite interesting that blogs have stepped up to fill this void. Even Stereogum has introduced a sister video website, Videogum. I highly recommend spending an obscenely long amount of time at all of these television/video sites.

No Way! It’s The Notwist!

According to Pitchfork, The Notwist are releasing a new album entitled The Devil, You + Me. It has been six years since they last released an album and the thought of them even having worked on a new album is mind blowing. I really wonder what this new album is going to sound like, but you can see footage of them recording on their official website. You can also listen to the latest track, “Good Lies”, on Pitchfork or find it on hypemachine (Greatest website in the world!)

The German band rocks their indie pop with quiet electronic synths and guitar driven rhythms. Their Golden Neon LP included my favorite tracks such as “One With The Freaks” and “Consequence.” Their sound is very reminiscent to Ester Drang and Lovedrug.

There is no news of a tour to support their new album in the States yet, but here’s to hoping that they cross the pond during the summer.

Check out this sweet video for “One With The Freaks,” it’s seriously one of my all time favorite videos and songs.