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Mahjongg “Free Grooverider” remix

Not something I’m completely crazy about, especially compared to the original track, but some of you may just fancy this wonderfully dissonant take:

Mahjongg – Free Grooverider (Selector Dub Narcotic Version) [MP3]

And for those in the greater St. Louis metropolitan area, Mahjongg are set to play a show at the Billiken Club on 1/31 with the brilliant and amazing Emperor X.  Shameless Billiken Club plug, no big deal.  It’s a free show, like they always are.


New Mahjongg MP3, “Free Grooverider”

YES.  I am so happy they finally released this track!  I kept hearing it whenever I saw Mahjongg live and it drove Sanita and I cray cray.  But, we finally got our hands on this Chicago, ILLinois outfit’s gem of a tune and so can you!

The dudes are getting ready for a pretty massive Fall tour through Europe, but I’d like to speculate that they might be back in St. Louis in the near-distant future…

Mahjongg – Free Grooverider [MP3][Insound]

Chicago Rocks!

Well, Pitchfork just had a post about how much Chicago rules.

So I had to goose that energy and tell you guys that The Hood Internet, also Chicagoans, have just dropped their most recent mix tape entitled The Hood Internet vs. Chicago which includes–as you might expect– Chicago artists. Highlights include R. Kelly, The Cool Kids, Kid Sister, Mahjongg, The Chicago Bears, Kanye West, Smashing Pumpkins, etc! I just have to say I’ve been waiting for a Mahjongg mashup for a long time as well as another Kellz jam. It’s been way too long since The Hood has made one of those. I mean currently it’s the town where you will both see Alison and I, so… basically Chicago Rocks! WOOOOO! Check you guys on the flip side.

The Hood Internet – 80s Problems (Tha Basix vs Mahjongg) [MP3]

The Hood Internet – Kells-tone For The Painfully Alone (R. Kelly vs Casiotone For The Painfully Alone) [MP3]

Mahjongg to Play at Pitchfork Music Festival in July!

Can I get a what what?! Not only has Mahjongg managed to put out my favorite release of 2008 thus far, brought the house down during their performance at Camp Concentration in March, but they have granted my wish of playing the Pitchfork Music Festival in July. The year is only bound to become sweeter for these Chicago Illionaires (some members by way of good old Missouri), and I couldn’t be happier. Naturally, I would like to share my love and appreciation for these tribal/electro/experimental gents, so give these remixes of “Tell The Police The Truth” a listen. The first was remixed by Brenmar, the drummer from tiiight Brooklyn band These Are Powers. The second is from Chicago-based electro outfit Clique Talk.

Mahjongg – Tell The Police The Truth (Brenmar Remix) [MP3]

Mahjonng – Tell The Police The Truth (Clique Talk’s Rest Of The Pig Refix) [MP3]

Also, check out Mahjongg performing “The Stubborn Horse” off of their Raydoncong EP on Chic-A-Go-Go to get a glimpse of what you might expect at Pitchfork:

Album Review | Mahjongg – Kontpab

I said goddamn! This ain’t your grandmother’s ancient Chinese solitaire! Chicago, IL (by way of Columbia, MO) based Mahjongg’s sophomore release on K Records, Kontpab, transcends genre specifics and cuts straight to the magic. Blurring the line between tribal-influenced, Battles-esque polyrhythms and downright dance-punk, Kontpab combines heavy percussive blasts and jittery guitars with scathing-hot synths to produce 42.4 minutes of organized chaos. We should have seen it coming. I mean, the album art on the back-cover is a Magic Eye, for Pete’s sake.

The first song off of the album, “Pontiac”, guides the listener through two minutes of head-bopping build-up until it finally erupts into an all-out dance party. It successfully serves as the introduction to the complex and amusing entities that are their other eight tracks.

The rest of the album is a layered mess of sorts, but it works. It will make you want to dance and stomp and shimmy your brains out. We think the chorus of “These Birds Are Bats” is slightly reminiscent of the famous “Downtown” by Petula Clark, but hey, who’s pointing fingers?

Standout Trackz: “Tell The Police The Truth”, “Problems”, “Wipe Out”, “Rise Rice”.