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If You Happen To Be Around

If you guys didn’t already know, but I pride myself from being the Chicagoland town of Elgin.  Yes, it is a suburb, but way better.  I mean such great things from Elgin include the creator of Jimmy John’s, Max Adler (Adler Planetarium), the actor that played Barney, and mostly all my favorite bands.

Well starting today and going on till Sunday is a little local showcase of Elgin bands as well as many from around the Midwest area.  It is called Ian’s Party and will be taking place in downtown Elgin at Gasthaus and Mad Maggie’s.  The little showcase includes 53 bands including Ohtis, Black Ladies, Strawberry Pegasus, Sass Dragons, Prizzy Prizzy Please, and Heart Shaped Hate just to name a few. Haven’t heard of any of those bands? Well what are you waiting for? The show is mostly a punk driven showcase, but a few other kinds of music are interspersed in.  So I’m saying if you are anywhere near the Chicago area ie. my hometown then make your way to Ian’s Party because it’s probably one of the best things you are ever going to experience.

Click on the poster for more info on schedule, bands, tickets, map, etc.