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Do’s & Don’ts: Deertick and Brimstone Howl

This week, we’re doing something different with Stylin’ & Profilin’. We were at the Deer Tick, Brimstone Howl, and Theodore show tonight at The Billiken Club in St. Louis and were able to style and profile members from two of the bands. Instead of praising each individual for their amazing style (and attitudes!), shit got straight convoluted. So, we are doing the Do’s and Don’ts of effective Stylin’ & Profilin’ conduct. Take note, y’all!

Do: John McCauley, singer/songwriter from Deer Tick

I was simply taken aback by his California Raisins tattoo. What an homage! Little did we know, but McCauley is an avid collector of all things California Raisins, which we think is quirky and just too perfect. His tattoo artist was lovely enough to take a screen-capture of one of the many great commercials and turn it into the greatness that is his tattoo.

Also, note the Vanilla Ice eyebrow! Did someone say “fresh”? According to McCauley, that’s what happens when you play around with barber shears while under the influence. Who knew? Although he hadn’t slept in over 48 hours and the band’s tour bus broke down, causing them to miss a show, McCauley was still a gem.



Don’t: Calvin, stand-in drummer from Brimstone Howl
Sheesh. Where do I start? First off, we loved his coat, hopefully it wasn’t real fur. I asked, he didn’t know. Don’t get us wrong. I mean, who wears shit like that in the Midwest and isn’t Whitney Houston? With that, if you’re going to rock a straight-up raccoon-looking fur coat, you better work.
When I approached Calvin about Stylin’ & Profilin’ him for our blog, his response was to the effect of , “You can put someone else’s face over mine.” Shoulda known at that point that Calvin and I weren’t riding on the same ferry-boat.
But I toughed it out, figuring he might come around. After I took the photo, I asked him a few Q’s:
Where did you get your coat?
“My friend gave it to me.”
Do you feel like R. Kelly when you wear it?
“No. I feel like myself.”
Wrong answer, friendo. Here’s the problem: You can’t act like you’re not wearing that to get attention, homeboy! If ya thought I was tryin’ to hit on you because of it, you tweakin. And, you look like Eminem in it, anyway!
Kells didn’t like your attitude, either.