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Concert Review | Crystal Castles and HEALTH – From Chicago To Cleveland Part II

[This is the second half of the 2-part concert review for Crystal Castles and HEALTH. See Sanita’s post for the first part!]

Alison’s Review | Crystal Castles, HEALTH, Battery Collection | The Grog Shop, 3/20/08

The Grog Shop is the Cleveland venue I love to go to when I’m in town. I’ve seen many amazing acts there–Aloha, Beep Beep, Gil Mantera’s Party Dream, Karl Blau, etc, etc. When I found out HEALTH would be playing with Crystal Castles, I was thrilled. I am a huge fan of HEALTH’s album, and seeing it performed live is downright nuts. There was a lot of buzz in Cleveland surrounding this show, so I was quite anxious to attend. Sanita told me the show in Dekalb was a hot mess, and I just don’t like getting down like that, so I considered skipping the show to see Parts & Labor and Pterodactyl at MOCA instead. However, I toughed it out and drove in the blizzard to the east-side of Cleveland to see my HEALTH dudes.

Let it be known, I like to dance. I’m pretty much up there with Liza Minelli, if I do say so myself. When I arrived, a shitty DJ was spinning crowd-pleasing hits from Bloc Party, the Postal Service, and Justice (which I thought was weird, a DJ playing another DJ’s work?). I just wanted to know, where was the Prince? Tupac? R. Kelly? I didn’t know if he was one of the openers or just some dude the Grog hired to get the kids buck wild. Either way, his transitions were terrible, but the bass was bumpin’ and that’s what kids like. The crowd was a mix of Warped Tour kiddies/ravers and Cleveland hipsters, and it seemed like the age range was rather at polar opposites. The 16 year olds were ready to mosh at any given time, however the older, calmer attendees just wanted to chill and watch.

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Concert Review | Crystal Castles and HEALTH – From Chicago to Cleveland Part I

Well, Alison and I have parted ways for a few days to return to our humble abodes for spring break. Although it’s our vacation from school, we are still working hard to keep bringing you the latest in music. Currently we will be giving you different accounts of the same concert.

Sanita’s Review | The House Cafe – 3/19/08 Crystal Castles, HEALTH, Heart Shaped Hate, and Eyes.

It’s spring break and all I want to do is dance.

So I drove an hour away to Dekalb, IL to the ambiguous venue that is The House Cafe. I’ve been here before, experiencing the dance party during the night that is Dan Deacon as well as the oh-so-cute Page France during the day. This place may look like your usual quaint coffee shop, but by night it easily converts into a bumping House (ba dum cheuh!) party. I got there extremely early because there was talk that the show would sell out, which did hold true to fact. It was one of the last dates that HEALTH and Crystal Castles will be playing on the same bill before CC parts to play across the pond. It was obvious people knew this and were willing to take the trek. The venue was jam packed by a crowd of teenage glam rock emos rather than the expected smell kid crowd. But if you are willing to dance, it doesn’t matter to me who you are.

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Keeping The Internet Real is The Hood Internet

I don’t think its been clearly made known that TT&SC have an outstanding obsession with The Hood Internet. The duo are based out of Chicago and have been known for their amazing indie mashups, including the most famous R.Kelly’s “I’m a Flirt” vs. Broken Social Scene’s “Shoreline”. If The Hood Internet had a cult, we’d definitely be the first to join it and this makes them a top contender for The Billiken Club‘s fall lineup.

As well as making great music, they also are quite the connoisseurs of Photoshopping. I might as well mentioned that Alison recieved a lightning bolt saber from them when they performed at CMJ.

Get it, girl!

The Hood Internet is wayyyyy too legit to quit. But recently it just has to be known that there is a seed of love that’s been planted for the likes of R. Kelly. We have grown to believe that any mash up done with his name in it will be great and it has yet to be proven otherwise to us. You can d/l a track of R. Kelly’s “Hook It Up” vs. Rogue Wave’s “Endless Shovel” as well as Crystal Castles vs. Nice & Smooth. But definitely go to the website to d/l more endless, beauteous mash ups FOR FREE!

Endless Hookup – DJ STV SLV (The Hood Internet)

I Rhymed Slow in 1991 – ABX (The Hood Internet)

Crystal Castles Re-re-remix It Up

Crystal Castles could not be any hotter right now! Canadians Ethan Kath and Alice Glass have especially been become popular because of their remixes, however their album, Crystal Castles, is set for release on March 18.

With the use of their reverberating electronics, their music is very distinguishable. The band has an adorable story of accidently being discovered, which makes them even more likable. What you may recognize the duo primarily from is their work with Klaxons and HEALTH, two other huge buzz bands right now. Check out a track they did for the Liars down below. It boasts the band’s signature sound–high-pitched Nintendo screeches layered over phat drum machine beatz.

More original tracks can be found their Myspace.

It Used to Fit When I Was a Kid (Crystal Castles Remix) – Liars