Mahjongg “Free Grooverider” remix

Not something I’m completely crazy about, especially compared to the original track, but some of you may just fancy this wonderfully dissonant take:

Mahjongg – Free Grooverider (Selector Dub Narcotic Version) [MP3]

And for those in the greater St. Louis metropolitan area, Mahjongg are set to play a show at the Billiken Club on 1/31 with the brilliant and amazing Emperor X.  Shameless Billiken Club plug, no big deal.  It’s a free show, like they always are.


I am thankful for R. Kelly

…and R. Kelly is thankful for America!

Why haven’t I seen this sooner?

What we’ve been doing with our time lately

Beyonce’s new video for her single “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)” has been a current obsession of ours as of late.  There’s no denying its amazingness.  I have even heard the video described as “black, white and fierce all over”, which I deem to be highly appropriate.

Although she’s pulling a split-personality thing and releasing two records–one under Beyonce and the other under the moniker Sasha Fierce (T.I. did the same with his last release, T.I. vs. T.I.P. and let’s not forget about the awesomely disgusting Garth Brooks/Chris Gaines attempt in 1999) my loyalty is going to have to stay with this Sasha Fierce character (although that name really sucks) because she is the buck Beyonce we all know and love.

R.I.P. Chris Gaines foreva and eva

Have you heard …

… these traxxx before?  Just some stuff I’ve been listening to a lot as of late.  Wintry weather is setting in and nothing cures the sniffles like some good music and cute bunnies!

Private – We Got Some Breaking Up To Do [MP3]

Skeletons – Dripper [MP3][Insound]

French Miami – Goddamn Best [MP3]

CYNE – African Elephants [MP3][Insound]

God Warrior Alert!

Yes, you will be able to find fellow God Warrior, Spencer Krug at the Gargoyle tonight with his band, Wolf Parade!  Tickets are a bit pricey, $20 for the public.  Show starts at 9pm and most likely will not start on time.

Yeah, we went: CMJ 2008

Ok, so the CMJ Music festival and conference went down a few weeks ago, but it was soooo insanely awesome that we are just now fully recovering from its effects.  Now that Sanita and I are full time citizens of the real world again, here are photos of some of our favorite sights at CMJ 2008!  All photos courtesy of our dear pal, Lesley Rottsolk.

Shugo Tokumaru--Terrorbird Showcase at the Cake Shop

Shugo Tokumaru--Terrorbird Showcase at the Cake Shop

Shugo Tokumaru--Terrorbird Showcase at the Cake Shop

Shugo Tokumaru--Terrorbird Showcase at the Cake Shop

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SOLLY! TT&SC Updates!

I know we have been lacking on our duty as Best St. Louis Music Blog, but I guess being a student, managing a rock venue, and working at the radio station has shown to be a lot more work than we had expected. So alas we have been lacking in blog updates and we are completely sorry. Another reason we have been missing in action is that we have been in New York City for the past week for CMJ Music Marathon and we had a blast!

Women at The Cake Shop for the Terrorbird Showcase

Well also if you would like to see us in person come out to The Billiken Club tomorrow! It’s Open Mic Night and everyone is invited.  Event starts at 7PM and ends at 10PM. As always it’s FREE, Open to the Public, and All Ages.  I hear that the our free jazz group, Scat Cats will be making an appearance!  See you tomorrow, everyone!