God Warrior of the Week

A God Warrior is a person who protects and defeats any kinds of demons for the greater good of the world. Either by being really HOTT! or just simply making sweet sweet music. To be a God Warrior has no connotation to religion of any kind regardless of the name , but they indeed cannot worship the Devil.

Disclaimer: Hottness is to each and own’s judgment.

Any suggestions? Email them to toetapsandspasticclaps@gmail.com


God Warriors of the Week for September 14th, 2008 is

Pattern Is Movement

I don’t know how many times we have to stress that we love Pattern Is Movement, but we do. A lot.  Their latest album, All Together has been playing on repeat the second it came out.  It probably will be in our top ten at the end of the year.  But these fuzzy and bubbly boys fuze a mixture of indie experimental sound bytes with a classic tenor voice.  The complex beats are drowned in your brain and “Trolley Friend” will constantly be stuck in your head.  These boys are superb and its about time they get the recognition they deserve.  You can see them performing at The Billiken Club this week, September 18th.  You know what that means, a FREE Pattern Is Movement show!  That’s where you will find me on Thursday.  So let’s give a hand to these boys for protecting the world from demons.

Pattern Is Movement – Trolley Friend [MP3] [Insound]


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