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God Warrior of the YEAR!

God Warrior of 2008!

Robert Kelly aka R. Kelly, Kellz, The Pied Piper

You knew this was coming.  We were thinking that we would choose the best god warrior out of the list that we already had, but we truly have yet to honor this man.  He has made many appearances on our blog although his moral standings may seem suspicious and skeptical, we love him for the mere fact of his great tunez and insane persona.  Sir R. Kellz of Chi-Town, please continue being completely out of yo mind. For without you, we would not be able to experience such great classics as “Trapped in the Closet” (all parts).  If you haven’t seen the series, I highly recommend you go do it now, or even better is to go buy it on DVD and watch it on HD TV. R. Kelly, you truly are one of a kind and may you continue to protect the name of GOD. Favorite videos of TT&SC below.

R. Kelly – Real Talk

R. Kelly – Trapped in the Closet Part 1

Please check out some R. Kelly mashups by The Hood Internet

Our Favorites include I’m A Flirt ( Shoreline),  Endless Hookup, and Kellstone for the Painfully In Love


God Warrior Of The Week (Pssst…You can win a date with him!)

The God Warrior of the Week for September 28th is Disaster Experiment

Disaster Experiment (a.k.a. Kyle Sennish) is a one-man electro outfit based out of Saint Louis.  His influences range from David Bowie (his own personal God Warrior) to brit-pop bands like Bloc Party and Arctic Monkeys.  The illustrious Disaster Experiment spawned over the course of last summer, where Kyle spent many a lonely day and night in his basement honing his booty-bouncing sound that rivals the glory of Pegasus itself.

When not experimenting with various disasters, Kyle holds down his job at KSLU as General Manager and spends most of his time studying Aerospace Engineering (see: obsessing over various nuclear missiles in hopes to one day destroy the world).

Disaster Experiment – killtheliar! [MP3]

Disaster Experiment – NEON_acid_NEON [MP3]

BUT WAIT!  This week, we are takin’ it to the streetz and offering all of you single ladies the chance to win a date with this gem of a man!  Just answer the crucial questions below and we will pick a winner.  He has no choice but to take you out.

1.  What is your name and age?

2.  Do you view the glass as “half-empty” or “half-full”?

3.  How would you deal with a man who values his bike (which was recently added to his parents’ house insurance) more than he values you?

4.  Would you be jealous if he wears a smaller pant size than you do?

Email submissions to

God Warrior of the Week

God Warriors of the Week for September 14th, 2008 is

Pattern Is Movement

I don’t know how many times we have to stress that we love Pattern Is Movement, but we do. A lot.  Their latest album, All Together has been playing on repeat the second it came out.  It probably will be in our top ten at the end of the year.  But these fuzzy and bubbly boys fuze a mixture of indie experimental sound bytes with a classic tenor voice.  The complex beats are drowned in your brain and “Trolley Friend” will constantly be stuck in your head.  These boys are superb and its about time they get the recognition they deserve.  You can see them performing at The Billiken Club this week, September 18th.  You know what that means, a FREE Pattern Is Movement show!  That’s where you will find me on Thursday.  So let’s give a hand to these boys for protecting the world from demons.

Pattern Is Movement – Trolley Friend [MP3] [Insound]

God Warriors Of The Week

The God Warriors for the week of August 3rd are Trey Told ‘Em.

(via their MySpace)

Trey Told ‘Em is a cool band. Trey Told ‘Em is a funky band. Trey Told ‘Em is the side-project of that one Gregg Gillis dude and Frank Mussara of Hearts of Darknesses. Like Girl Talk, it kinda blows my mind. Now, the dudes are a little cray-cray, but who’s asking? I saw the two of them perform on the same bill (not as Trey Told ‘Em, but whateva) when I was probably 15, and it was insanity. Their live show looked strikingly similar to the photo above, except a lot less clothing was involved.

They are God Warriors because they took a Tokyo Police Club song (a band that I think is just kinda OK) and made it into a feast for the ears. They also remixed a song by Professor Murder (another band that I think is just kinda OK). Point is, Trey Told ‘Em rulez because they made those two bands’ songs much better. Cheers!

Tokyo Police Club – Cheer It On (Trey Told ‘Em remix) [MP3]

Professor Murder – Dutch Hex (Trey Told ‘Em remix) [MP3]

God Warrior(s) of the Week

This week’s God Warrior(s) of the Week is


This Montreal based indie pop group just posted a new track on their myspace entitled, “Why I Want To Save You” and it couldn’t be any more lovely. After releasing one of my favorite study albums of the 2007, In the Bedroom After The War, I’m actually surprised at how quick they got new material out. But this band will be making a stop at The Pageant in St. Louis September 25th. This is recommended for those of you if you like music along the lines of Broken Social Scene or any Montreal based indie band. Two tracks below–one a slow sad love song off of Do You Trust Your Friends? and a jazzier track from In The Bedroom After The War.

Stars – Your Ex Lover Is Dead (Final Fantasy Edit) [MP3] [Insound]

Stars – The Ghost of Genova Heights [MP3] [Itunes]

God Warrior Of The Week

The God Warrior for the week of July 6 is Daedelus!

(Photo courtesy of Laura Darlington via Myspace)

Hailing from Los Angeles, Daedelus is one experimental-electronica virtuoso that is not to be ignored.  With a soft spot for dramatics, he produces blissful, poppy melodies laid over sick beatz.   He totally earns his status as God Warrior because dude can play the accordion, and because his full name (Alfred Darlington) is totally majestic.  Love To Make Music To, his most recent release, is packed full of electronic gems that are sure to appeal to your brain as well as yo’ booty.

Daedelus – Make It So (XXXChange Remix) [MP3] [Insound]

God Warrior Of The Week

The God Warrior for the week of June 29 is Spencer Krug.

(Photo lifted from the Wolf Parade site)

Lately, Spencer Krug has been a bit of a baller. Yeah, yeah, fellow Wolf Parader Dan Boeckner has his little thing goin’ on in Handsome Furs, but it doesn’t hold a candle to any of Krug’s laundry list of legit side-projects. Krug’s contributions to Sunset Rubdown are undeniably outstanding, and he totally kicks ass as a member of both Frog Eyes and Swan Lake. However, currently he is receiving major props for the new Wolf Parade album, At Mount Zoomer. To me, the album is kind of like a balance between his weirder, more experimental work in Frog Eyes/Sunset Rubdown and the calm, earnest sound of Swan Lake.  Hopefully y’all out there likes what you hears!

Wolf Parade – Call It A Ritual [MP3] [Insound]