(The original God Warriors)

We are two PYT’s who simply like discussing music and all of it’s wonderful facets. We have an unhealthy obsession with R. Kelly, a.k.a. Kells, a.k.a. The Pied-Piper.  We began this blog in February of ’08 and in turn have mounted through the skies of success as though on the wings of six dragons.

We will most likely review your album if you ask us to.

Our collective love for scatting and Jazzercise has recently been shared with the world through our free-jazz group entitled Scat Cats, but that’s a different ferry-boat entirely. Intrigued? Catch us at an open-mic night.



8 responses to “About

  1. yeahhh!!! i’m goosin’ what you’re sleezin’! THUNDER CATS ARE GO!!

  2. Scat Cats fan since day 14 of feb

  3. Ron Panther Melloncamp

    Pitchfork Lite! yah!

  4. yay that is a beautiful banner!

  5. How do I get in on the 2 egg specials at various 24 hour diners?

  6. are you from cleveland?

  7. Chris–

    I’m from Cleveland but go to school in Saint Louis!

  8. Please take a listen and let me know if you are interested in doing a write up on us?

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