Grab Bag Fridayz!

Although it’s a day late, it is that sweet, sweet time of the week once again.  Better late than never, yeah?  This week, I am particularly excited about my offerings, and I hope y’alls are as well.

On October 21st, Brooklyn tribal-noise pioneers Gang Gang Dance are set to release their new album Saint Dymphna (named after the patron saint of mental health and possessed peoples, if that gives you any insight), their latest since 2005’s amazing God’s Money.  Although I feel that they’re trying to stay true to their tribal dance-punk sound that we know and love, GGD’s new album is going to be their most accessible yet.  It has much more of a house feel than previous albums, which is a bit of a change.  I’m dealing with it.  Don’t get me wrong, it really is a beautiful record, just a bit of a departure.  And will you LOOK at the album art?  Tiiiiight!

Gang Gang Dance –First Communion [MP3][Insound]

Gang Gang Dance – Vacuum [MP3]

Gang Gang Dance – Desert Storm [MP3]

Religious Knives will be releasing their new album The Door on October 14th via Ecstatic Peace, Thurston Moore’s label.  The album was produced by Moore and RK and from what I’ve heard so far, it’s going to be just splendid.  Founding members Maya Miller and Michael Bernstein met in New York a decade ago, however the group has existed as a four-piece for little over a year now.  This expansion is quite apparent in their growing sound as a band.

Religious Knives – Downstairs [MP3][Insound]


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