Holy Hauschka!

On rainy days like these, they often make me seek for the beauty in life.  I know that rain is a fascinating element, but it is so gloomy and draining.  Sometimes I just want to see something pretty or listen to something pretty.  It is definitely a lot harder these days to simple find beautiful music because you have Sigur Ros, Amiina, and Explosions In The Sky, but what is there that is new?  So luckily enough the spectacular indie classical electronic band, Hauschka entered my life at just the right moment.  The music is absolutely breathe taking and it is hard not to be mesmerized by the work.

Hauschka consists of German piano player, Volker Bertelmann and this one man band makes sure to utilize all classical elements.  His latest album is Ferndorf and you can listen to a stream of it, here.  It is quite sad that the vinyl is sold out, but what did I expect that a lovely album like this would remain unknown? This man is recommended if you like Devotchka, Yann Tiersen, and Andrew Bird. Please check out tracks below.


Hauschka – Freibad [MP3] [Insound] [ITunes]


Hauschka –Alma [MP3]


One response to “Holy Hauschka!

  1. Is that album in the studio. Also EXPLOSIONS ROCKS!

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