Album Review | Catfish Haven – Devastator

Devastator is the lastest release from the Chicago, (originally from my hometown of Elgin) IL band Catfish Haven.  They are simply the loves of my life and I really have to say that I have been waiting for this album for a really long time.  They have been performing new tracks from this album for a while and it’s about time it formulated into a glorious album.  As much as I loved their prior album, Tell Me, this latest one definitely has a more cohesive feel to it.  The middle of the album starting with “Play The Fool” going through with “Half Time Show” and ending with “Full Speed” is my favorite and it is basically impossible to listen to one song without the others.  It is obvious that many of these songs are old songs that have recently been used on the album because there is an obvious difference between the older sounding songs and the newly written ones.  The latest single, “Set In Stone” is a catchy ass song featuring their backup singers and a new sound, the baritone sax which makes the song sound a lot more 80s than it should, but I still love it and yell out the lyrics at the top of my lungs. “Valerie” is quite beautiful when performed live and it pleases me to know that the recorded song does not lose that impact.   This album is definitely a step in the right direction for this band considering they are now a featured band on Myspace!  This album does not disappoint and any fan of their prior work should pick up this newest one.   It’s a wonderful mixture of devasting love songs and catchy bass driven classic rock. Check out my favorite track from the album below.

Catfish Haven – Play The Fool [MP3] [Myspace] [Insound]


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