There are hella Hella side-projects these days

I thought that was a little bit funny.  No?  Ok.  Sacrimento California’s Hella have been up to a lot in addition to the insanity they project as a progressive/spazz group.  Members Spencer Seim and Zach Hill have both recently taken some time to explore the realm of side-projectdom, and the results are quite lovely.

Hill released Astrological Straits back in August via Ipecac Records, and I gotta say it sounds a lot like Hella, which is never a bad thing.  The album features the help of an all-star cast: Marnie Stern (whos new album is AMAZING), No Age’s Randy Randall and Dean Spunt, !!!/LCD Soundsystem’s Tyler Pope, and many more mentionable characters contributed their individual craftsmanship, and these contributions are quite apparent on the record.  I give it my two thumbs up.

Zach Hill – Dark Art [MP3][Insound]

sBACH is Spencer Seim’s spastic-electro-pop cray cray mess of a side-project, and he released sBACH in August via Suicide Squeeze.  It is definitely more of a departure than Hill’s album is, but it still stays true to the Hella sound. Check out sBACH’s cover of Paula Abdul’s “Cold Hearted Snake”, it’s pretty rad!

sBACH – Cold Hearted Snake (Paula Abdul cover) [MP3][Insound]


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