Grab Bag Thursdayz!

This week, I present two lovely little ditties by bands that have caught my attention as of late.  Enjoy!

Rainbow Arabia is a duo that definitely cannot pretend they aren’t influenced by the likes of El Guincho, Panda Bear, and M.I.A.  That being said, I think The Basta EP is rad and it is something I wouldn’t mind getting buck to even though I feel like I’ve heard it all before.  Full of high-pitched wailing and tribal calls, it is sure to bring out the gypsy in you at first listen.  Soon, you’ll find yourself scratching tourists on the streets of Italy and you’ll be thinking to yourself, “what happened?”  And, they’re going on tour with Gang Gang Dance in November.  Siiiiiick.

Rainbow Arabia – I Know I See I Love I Go [MP3][Insound]

Texas’ Restavrant has some friends in high places.  Having shared the stage with the likes No Age and White Denim, their sound combines all of the right elements of White Stripes-esque garage rock and Beck’s synthy beats. Weird combination, yes, but their folky techno sound works just dandy for these ears.  The duo’s newest album, Returns to the Tomb of Guiliano Medidici, came out September 30th, so cop that disc now!

Restavrant – Lionman [MP3][Insound]


One response to “Grab Bag Thursdayz!

  1. saw these guys at a party in venice, la a couple months ago and i was blown away. the lead singer is the modern elvis.

    lionman is my favorite track.

    thanks for this blog!

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