God Warrior Of The Week (Pssst…You can win a date with him!)

The God Warrior of the Week for September 28th is Disaster Experiment

Disaster Experiment (a.k.a. Kyle Sennish) is a one-man electro outfit based out of Saint Louis.  His influences range from David Bowie (his own personal God Warrior) to brit-pop bands like Bloc Party and Arctic Monkeys.  The illustrious Disaster Experiment spawned over the course of last summer, where Kyle spent many a lonely day and night in his basement honing his booty-bouncing sound that rivals the glory of Pegasus itself.

When not experimenting with various disasters, Kyle holds down his job at KSLU as General Manager and spends most of his time studying Aerospace Engineering (see: obsessing over various nuclear missiles in hopes to one day destroy the world).

Disaster Experiment – killtheliar! [MP3]

Disaster Experiment – NEON_acid_NEON [MP3]

BUT WAIT!  This week, we are takin’ it to the streetz and offering all of you single ladies the chance to win a date with this gem of a man!  Just answer the crucial questions below and we will pick a winner.  He has no choice but to take you out.

1.  What is your name and age?

2.  Do you view the glass as “half-empty” or “half-full”?

3.  How would you deal with a man who values his bike (which was recently added to his parents’ house insurance) more than he values you?

4.  Would you be jealous if he wears a smaller pant size than you do?

Email submissions to toetapsandspasticclaps@gmail.com


3 responses to “God Warrior Of The Week (Pssst…You can win a date with him!)

  1. Um…so why has no one responded to this fabulous GW yet? his beats be kickin’…


    Anyway, I’d totally be filling out that survey if I didn’t already have a bf. Sorry!

  2. even my mom be dancin to this!

  3. 1. Amelia. 20 years.

    2. If its a glass of beer, then it’s half empty and I’m sad. If it’s a glass of Kyle, then it’s completely empty because I love him.

    3. Simple. A female is not valuable. A bike is valuable. Sure, a female can be good for some things; blow jobs, doing the dishes, etc. But a bike won’t talk back or want to cuddle after a good ride.

    4. As long as I can see him out of his small pants as much as possible, I don’t care what size they are.

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