Tips For Owls and People

With the help from my sister from another mister, Emily Jones, she recommended this band that she found through emusic.  I usually trust everything that she tells me about and Breathe Owl Breathe definitely proves this true once again.  This Michigan based band offers a mixture of quiet acoustic indie pop on the lines of Okkervil River, Bowerbirds, and The Dodos.  I know I’m always recommending the newest quiet acoustic indie pop, but I seriously think these cats are going to be big.  It won’t be before long before you’ll be reading about them on all the hot indie blogs.  It just so happened that we’re writing about them earlier. 🙂 Their tour schedule is pretty limited, only sticking around the Michigan area, but if you kids jump on the band wagon early, maybe we can get them to the Lou pretty soon.   So check out a few tracks by them below.

Breathe Owl Breathe – Playing Dead [MP3] [Emusic] [ITunes]

Breathe Owl Breathe – Toboggan [MP3] [ITunes]


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