New Mahjongg MP3, “Free Grooverider”

YES.  I am so happy they finally released this track!  I kept hearing it whenever I saw Mahjongg live and it drove Sanita and I cray cray.  But, we finally got our hands on this Chicago, ILLinois outfit’s gem of a tune and so can you!

The dudes are getting ready for a pretty massive Fall tour through Europe, but I’d like to speculate that they might be back in St. Louis in the near-distant future…

Mahjongg – Free Grooverider [MP3][Insound]


2 responses to “New Mahjongg MP3, “Free Grooverider”

  1. as a promoter and music lover from dubai, i’m really happy that grooverider is finally free.

    (so now i plan to celebrate by downloading the song xx)

  2. pillowcasekisser

    oh i’ve been dying to hear this song ever since i heard it live, but your link is broken and only the remix can be found on the blogosphere, any recommendations of where I could download it, or is there any chance you could upload it again please? Thank you!

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