Lollygagging at Lollapalooza!

Better late than never is my policy

Well I have since returned back to my glorious air conditioned house opposed to the scorching hot baseball diamonds of Grant Park at Lollapalooza. I have been going to Lollapalooza since 2004 and this year I definitely felt a little bit old. I wasn’t hardcore about standing for shows as I used to be. So this year I tried to take it easier considering I almost passed out at Grizzly Bear because of dehydration. So easy enough like my Pitchfork Festival review, I’ll quickly run through highlights of the bands that I got to see. (This time they include pictures yay!) Oddly enough all the shows that I went to required the crowd to be either eeriely silent or a maniac dance crowd.

Friday, August 1st

Yeasayer was a glorious way to start my Lollapalooza weekend. They always do great in any situation.

Grizzly Bear is lovely. Hearing new Grizzly Bear material is lovely. I am in love with them.

CSS is crazy and made me want to dance like crazy.

Radiohead is AMAZING! Life changing! Talk about seeing fireworks.

Saturday, August 2nd

Dr. Dog made me say, “why don’t I listen to more Dr. Dog?”

Explosions In The Sky is the biggest regret not seeing this past spring at the Pageant. I knew not to make that mistake ever again. They were my adorable instrumental triumphant rock babies.

Okkervil River is so cute. I wanted him to sing all his love songs to me and he did.

Battles is exactly what any nerd wants to hear. Definitely geeked out and spasticly gyrated my body like a robot for these guys. New material!!! YES!

Rage Against The Machine let me thrash out all of my teenage angst that I ever held in my entire life. Now I can be a happy person because Zack said I was one of his sisters.

Sunday, August 3rd

The Octopus Project always makes me feel happy. They were so cute because they were so excited and sincerely happy to perform at Lolla.

Kid Sister is cray cray and I love it. She made me want to dance regardless that it was early and felt like 125 degrees.

Chromeo, a continuation of my dance craze. Made me want to show him my ‘fancy footwork.’

I went to Iron & Wine expecting to do what I always do when I listen to Iron & Wine which is take naps. As always, awesome.

The National = yes! Simply put as YAY!

Girl Talk is always great and even greater when Greg gets angry at a crowd for not getting to tase worthy proportions. Well maybe if you had played “hands in the air”, Greg!

Kanye West didn’t freak out like he did two years ago. So it was simple pure entertainment. Quite exciting to hear that the rest of the crowd had religiously learned all of Kanye West’s lyrics as well as I did.

Okay, so that was a summary of my weekend.  It was fabulous and I wonder if this will be my last Lolla.  I’m only getting older!  So we will see.


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