The Hood Internet like Mariah Carey almost as much as our friend Liz does

I just found this Hood Internet mash-up. It kinda ruuuuuules. It’s called “Bring the Tabloid Scores” and includes Public Enemy‘s “Bring the Noise” on top of Nosaj Thing‘s remix of HEALTH‘s “Tabloid Scores”.

The Hood Internet – Bring the Tabloid Scores (Public Enemy vs. HEALTH) [MP3]

The Hood are busy putting together their third official mixtape, set for release at the end of August. They’ll be playing two sets at the Monolith Festival in Colorado on September 14. After a few scattered gigs around NYC and Chicago, the duo will be hitting up CMJ once again (last year’s show totally ruled!) and Mexico City after that.

As if they weren’t busy enough, the Hood entered Mariah Carey’s remix contest. The rules? Remix her latest track, “I’ll Be Lovin’ U Long Time” (ew) and if you win, you become her “top friend” on MySpace for a month. The Hood’s mix pins Carey against Dosh. Czech it:

The Hood Internet – I’ll Be Lovin’ U If U Want To (Mariah Carey vs. Dosh) [MP3]

Just when it seems it can’t get any weirder with the two, it does. Since The Hood are LOST fanatics, they created this viral video that mixes clips from the series with an MC Luscious track. The joint is deceivingly called “LOST Season 5 Sneak Preview”. I know virtually nothing about LOST but this song is buck.


2 responses to “The Hood Internet like Mariah Carey almost as much as our friend Liz does

  1. Let me tell Toe Taps something…
    Liz + Mariah = True Love. The Hood ain’t got nothing on me.

  2. Dude, Bring The Tabloid Scores Is So Greezy, Yet File Is Not Found. Fix It Please! D:

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