God Warriors Of The Week

The God Warriors for the week of August 3rd are Trey Told ‘Em.

(via their MySpace)

Trey Told ‘Em is a cool band. Trey Told ‘Em is a funky band. Trey Told ‘Em is the side-project of that one Gregg Gillis dude and Frank Mussara of Hearts of Darknesses. Like Girl Talk, it kinda blows my mind. Now, the dudes are a little cray-cray, but who’s asking? I saw the two of them perform on the same bill (not as Trey Told ‘Em, but whateva) when I was probably 15, and it was insanity. Their live show looked strikingly similar to the photo above, except a lot less clothing was involved.

They are God Warriors because they took a Tokyo Police Club song (a band that I think is just kinda OK) and made it into a feast for the ears. They also remixed a song by Professor Murder (another band that I think is just kinda OK). Point is, Trey Told ‘Em rulez because they made those two bands’ songs much better. Cheers!

Tokyo Police Club – Cheer It On (Trey Told ‘Em remix) [MP3]

Professor Murder – Dutch Hex (Trey Told ‘Em remix) [MP3]


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