Let’s Go To A Show!

Well this weekend I will be making my way to Grant Park for Lollapalooza, but that doesn’t mean that St. Louis won’t be seeing it’s fair share of great shows. Today alone, July 31st you can check out

The Tings Tings at The Bluebird

This electro pop duo are making all kinds of headlines with their catchy beats.

Ted Nugent at The Pageant

Simply just because he’s awesome and had two reality tv shows on Vh1 (one featuring Tila Tequila).

What Made Milwaukee Famous at Off Broadway

Originally named Beer, this rock band knows how to bring it!

More weekend updates after the click!

On August 1st you can check out

Boys II Men Live at The Levee

What more could you ask for but smooth R&B harmonies?

August 2nd be sure to check out

Harry & The Potters at The Bluebird

I love them because last time I saw them, Harry Potter 7 gave me a hug and Harry Potter 4 told me I had a cool name.

August 3rd

Check out William Sides Atari Party at The Bluebird

Crazy fun 8-bit video game rock samples? Yes!

William Sides Atari Party – Project Horizon [MP3]


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