God Warrior(s) of the Week

This week’s God Warrior(s) of the Week is


This Montreal based indie pop group just posted a new track on their myspace entitled, “Why I Want To Save You” and it couldn’t be any more lovely. After releasing one of my favorite study albums of the 2007, In the Bedroom After The War, I’m actually surprised at how quick they got new material out. But this band will be making a stop at The Pageant in St. Louis September 25th. This is recommended for those of you if you like music along the lines of Broken Social Scene or any Montreal based indie band. Two tracks below–one a slow sad love song off of Do You Trust Your Friends? and a jazzier track from In The Bedroom After The War.

Stars – Your Ex Lover Is Dead (Final Fantasy Edit) [MP3] [Insound]

Stars – The Ghost of Genova Heights [MP3] [Itunes]


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  1. si si si si

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