Pitchfork Music Festival ’08 Recap: Saturday

Well, we are back from super indie hipster music fest, Pitchfork and it was a blast. We tanned are sun deprived bodies, ate all kinds of delicious vegetarian foods and enjoyed numerous bands. Alison and I only were able to catch Saturday and Sunday of the music festival, but I heard that Public Enemy was pretty on point on Friday.


I was able to watch Caribou, Fleet Foxes, Fuck Buttons, Vampire Weekend, !!!, The Hold Steady, Atlas Sound, and Animal Collective

Highlights of my day were definitely Animal Collective, Atlas Sound, !!! and Fuck Buttons. I’ve seen all of these bands before with the exception of Atlas Sound (but I’ve seen Deerhunter!) so I basically knew what to expect which was pure aural pleasure.

-I didn’t get to check out all of Fleet Foxes, but I heard enough of their beautiful harmonies to make me feel like I was floating on air. They are my Grizzly Bear of this year.

-My day couldn’t get any better as the sun peeked out of the clouds as Fuck Buttons began “Bright Tomorrow.”

-The next highlight was !!! (chk chk chk) because you can’t get any better dance music as well as dance lessons at the same time. !!! always knows how to make you shake your groove thang and I was not one to disappoint them.

-I recently picked up the Atlas Sound album at the library and didn’t really get to thoroughly listen to the album because it was scaring my friends. So I decided to check out Bradford Cox’s side project regardless of hearing the whole album and I was very happy with my choice.

-Lastly, is the ever so wonderful, Animal Collective. I’m going to say that the crowd was lame because they were only familiar with Strawberry Jam. But my mind was blown away when Panda Bear performed a song off Person Pitch. That was probably the most epic moment of my life, it was probably caused by the lights. I was saddened by how short of a set they had, but what can you do?


This stuff is already probably known to why I didn’t enjoy the other bands that I saw on Saturday. The other bands that I was disappointed by were Caribou, Vampire Weekend and The Hold Steady.

-I love Caribou, but I just was not impressed by their performance maybe it was the lack of a light show? I was glad that the original drummer of Caribou was back in the band, but maybe it was just too early in the day.

-I used to be obsessed with Vampire Weekend, and I guess I simply got bored of their material. After they played my favorite songs I basically zoned out.

-I never really liked The Hold Steady, but went because I promised my friend I would go. I tolerated a good 40 minutes of the set and I still can say that I still don’t like or get The Hold Steady. I do know that all those songs made me really thirsty.

Although it started off a little bit rainy, the day was overall good. I guess it would have been better if I had connected with this person whom wished had connected with me. Sorry I don’t have pics, but I’ll find some good youtube videos to post soon. Or you can just go to Stereogum to check out some really high quality pics.

Biggest regret: Not seeing Abe Vigoda perform with No Age!!! But I heard that Abe Vigoda was really drunk anyway. Oh Well!


4 responses to “Pitchfork Music Festival ’08 Recap: Saturday

  1. Maybe you and this missed connection will be reunited at the next pitchfork? Or you could meet at the top of Sears tower?

  2. HAHAH oh man Sanita, missed connection?! You are living the dream.

  3. I thought Caribou was incredible, they were one of my favorites out of the whole festival. That was probably because i was really close and really… high.

  4. nice coverage, I missed out on the festival this year. It sounds like a good time. I would have loved to see Fuck Buttons under those conditions. If you want to hear a little from one of the members check out my q&a with Benjamin Power over at http://www.stereocache.wordpress.com

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