Hot N’ Spicy

My friend is departing for the great country of Chile pretty soon and I was working on Chilean Indie Artist mixtape. First problem is that I don’t have any Chilean indie music, but alas I researched on the great world of Myspace. So I thought, if the results are anything like the US then I’m screwed. Luckily enough, I found some pretty good ones and I simply can’t continue to let these cats be ignored. The first are

Teleradio Donoso

Pic taken from their myspace

These cute boys hail from Santiago, Chile and I am currently obsessed with them. Their music is a mixture of Strokes, Malujube, and Tally Hall. Their latest album is Gran Santiago and can easily be bought on Itunes or if you are afraid to take such a big leap they have the whole thing streaming on their website. The album utilizes precious lyrics, catchy guitar riffs and romantic acoustic medleys, what more could a girl ask for? The music is entirely in Spanish, but you’ve been listening to El Guincho regardless of knowing the language so that barrier shouldn’t stop you now. Check out track below.

Teleradio Donoso – Pitica [MP3] [Itunes] [Myspace]

The second band I wish I could find more music from is


Pic taken from their myspace

This to-die-for duo are making light indie pop surf rock music on the lines of Beach House, The Magnetic Fields and The Pragmatic. I wish I could find more information on them, but my Spanish skills can take me so far. They are signed on the Neurotyka label, but they have yet to release an album? But I think it’s going to come out sometime this year and it’s named Totalral. I’m not really sure so don’t take my word for it, but they are just so cute to not love. So if you guys find where I can buy their stuff then hit me up, but I guess I’ll just be listening to tracks off lastfm and myspace. Oh yeah, all songs are in Spanish once again. Check out the song below.

Denver – Anden 6 (Disco Version) [MP3]


4 responses to “Hot N’ Spicy

  1. i ‘m from chile and can help you. dënver’s lp is totoral what is mean a full place of totora, haha. javiera mena and gepe are the most recognized indie figures in the country. Amar en el Campo is the new single from teleradio, u can found it in you tube.

  2. That Pitica track is great because it has hand claps… Chilean hand claps.

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