Show Review | Le Loup – Jay Prizker Pavillion, Chicago 07/07/08

Le Loup at the Jay Prizker Pavillion in Millennium Park

It was a humid Monday afternoon and I had just arrived to Union Station. I met up with my friend, Liz and we made our 8 block trek to Millennium Park to see Le Loup (pronounced Lay- Loo) as part of the Audible Architecture: Chicago Night Clubs At Noon. This series works in conjunction with Pitchfork and allows numerous bands to show what they got in the acoustically pristine, Millennium Park. So if your band doesn’t have it together, it is most likely that we will hear it because there really isn’t anywhere to hide when the sound system is nothing less than perfect. Sadly enough this was the problem of Le Loup. They simply looked unprepared, maybe it was because they weren’t used to the set up? I really don’t know.

Le Loup began their set with a good majority from their latest album, The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations’ Millenium General Assembly which band creator, Sam Simkoff, did a stunning job. But the thing about the album is that since it was mostly done solo, he had to base a lot of the album on electronic samples. So transitioning the album to 3 different percussionists, 3 guitarists, and a bassist probably wasn’t easy. It also didn’t help that they lost 2 female vocalists whom probably held a good majority of the harmonies. So the live performance had a pretty drastic sound from the quiet and clean album. The show was funky and surprisingly epic. Le Loup were definitely veering off the usually music path that the album had set for them. Sometimes it worked to their advantage and sometimes you asked, ‘ what is that guy doing?’ Sad part, I was waiting to hear the ever so cute doot doots of “We Are Gods! We Are The Wolves!” and they were completely bypassed! Spastic clapping was also very minimal during the song. But I will say that it was very nice to hear prior albums being performed and it’s always interesting to see how the music have progressed into such vast works. Le Loup was cute and maybe I should’ve tried seeing them perform in a different venue, but I did thoroughly enjoy a free show as well as my picnic (7-11 sandwich, baked potato chips, watermelon, and Jamba Juice smoothie).

The next Audible Architecture free show at the Jay Prizker Pavillion is a Pitchfork Festival preview and will include the loves of my life, Fleet Foxes. So if you will not be at the festival, I highly recommend you forfeit the $5 train fare to see them perform for free. It’s going to be SPECTACULAR!

A video of what I believe to be is the end of one of the Cantos. Check out the crazy bongo section.

Pics courtesy of Sanita Saengvilay


One response to “Show Review | Le Loup – Jay Prizker Pavillion, Chicago 07/07/08

  1. back up singing = weak
    funky bongos = tight

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