God Warrior Of The Week

The God Warrior for the week of July 6 is Daedelus!

(Photo courtesy of Laura Darlington via Myspace)

Hailing from Los Angeles, Daedelus is one experimental-electronica virtuoso that is not to be ignored.  With a soft spot for dramatics, he produces blissful, poppy melodies laid over sick beatz.   He totally earns his status as God Warrior because dude can play the accordion, and because his full name (Alfred Darlington) is totally majestic.  Love To Make Music To, his most recent release, is packed full of electronic gems that are sure to appeal to your brain as well as yo’ booty.

Daedelus – Make It So (XXXChange Remix) [MP3] [Insound]


3 responses to “God Warrior Of The Week

  1. Oh Mr. Darlington. Lovely.

  2. look out for a Welsh language Hip-hop crew at the Dadelaus Album Launch Party in LA this Saturday.


  3. and yeah… Daedelus is a don.

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