Happy Independence Day!

Hey, St. Louis–do you love America!? YEAH, me too! Ok, while you are barbecuing and watching those spectacular fireworks shows remember that there is always an awesome show you could be at. Here’s the lowdown for this weekend.

Saturday, July 5th you can find:

Jakked this flyer from their myspace

Local white hip hop connoisseurs Robb Steele will be giving a FREE performance at the Schafly Tap Room at 9pm. These boys are serious, as Jim Utz once said of the MC’s: “It’s funny, but it’s not a joke.” They are quite the entertaining band in the vein of Run DMC, The Beastie Boys, etc., and I was thinking of forming a female cover band named Robberta Steele. With the emergence of alt-white boy rappers across this country (i.e. Grand Buffet, The YMD, Juiceboxxx), St. Louis should be proud to call these boys their own.

Also this Saturday, you can find St. Louis locals Gentleman Auction House releasing their new album, Alphabet Graveyard, at The Bluebird. Performing with them are other local bands The Hibernauts, Jumbling Towers, and Colourmusic. Show is at 9pm and will cost you $8, and these guys always give it their all during performances and their songs will be stuck in your head for at least a week afterwards.

I have yet to hear the new Jumbling Towers material that is supposedly being given out for free on their website? Well, I guess it’s best to hear it live in person for yourself.

GAH are currently on tour and you should check out their tour diary via A to Z (Riverfront Times Music Blog)

Goosed the flyer from their myspace

Sunday July 6th:

You should make your way to see The Mae Shi at the Bluebird. This super electro outfit will definitely not disappoint and I hear they have a pretty legit cover of Hannah Montana (or is it Miley Cyrus)’s “See U Again.” Opening the show is the ever so familiar So Many Dynamos and if they are performing their new album, that sounds like just enough of a reason to check out the show.

Image taken from boomboomcycle.com

Keep it real American and as you cock your American flag hat with a flying bald eagle to the side, remember music is freedom! So raise those sparklers high, those PBR tall boys even higher, and always stay safe! U-S-A! U-S-A!

The Mae Shi vs. Hannah Montana – See U Again [MP3] [Mae Shi Official]

Robb Steele – Out On A High Note [MP3] [Myspace]


One response to “Happy Independence Day!

  1. hey this sunday the 3rd of august theres a great show. This 8-bit live electronics show is part of the “revolutionary summer tour” featuring William Sides Atari Party (chicago). Playing at the Blue Bird, downtown on Olive. Special local guests are PlayerTwo and Bit Bare. This will probally be the last big electronic music show of the summer so don’t miss out. feel free to contact me for any info.

    pawel @ myspace.com/bitbare

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