God Warrior(s) of The Week

This week, our God Warriors are Rob & Big from hit television show, Rob & Big.

Pictures via MTV.com

I know there are haters for this show, but Toe Taps and Spastic Claps thoroughly loves and support them. I mean it’s been our dream to karaoke to “Ebony and Ivory.” But alas we have reached the ending of an era because Big Black had to leave the show because he knocked up a baby mama and now has to do his fatherly duty. Their reign on MTV will definitely be missed. For the past seasons, we simply got to watch these boys have fun. Whether it was recreating the Tupac and Suge Knight portrait, or having Big Black become a stripper for a night and don a sweat suit with the words “I charge by the pound.” The show is pure chaos and it isn’t hard to enjoy every bit of it, but you can watch a good majority of the shows on mtv.com. Favorites of mine are “Meaty Goes to Hollywood”, “Guinness World Records,” and “Turtle Racing.” I never turn down a Rob & Big marathon on tv and you shouldn’t either. So let’s all wear our Big Black t-shirt in tribute to this awesome show or drink Monster and wear DC shoes. Check out the video of Rob and his alter persona, Bobby Light performing “Dirty Girl”. So DGs 4 LyFe N’ FoEveZ!


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