Album Review | Girl Talk – Feed The Animals

It is here, Girl Talk‘s latest album, Feed The Animals was released this past Tuesday. Following the hot trend of Radiohead, he released it with a choose your own price dealie. I chose $0, and I was immediately quizzed to why so, but sadly enough, poor college student was not a choice. Considering I had no idea that this album was even coming out, I didn’t know what to expect from this album. Would it be as clean and entertaining as Night Ripper? Are these new tunes going to make me risk the chance of getting tasered by going to one of Mr. Gillis’ shows?

As Gregg said in an interview that he wanted to get this album out as soon as possible because he utilizes the most recent and current hip hop and did not want to risk his album sounding out dated. I think this is a strange statement about the album because he seemed to delve a lot further into older music including Tag Team, Salt N’ Pepa, or Public Enemy. As well as old hip hop music, Gregg also used a lot of 80s and early 90s hits including Rick Astley, Bizarre Inc. Cheap Trick and Tears For Fears. Don’t get me wrong, I love to rock out to “I’m Gonna Get You” by Bizarre Inc. any time of the day, but what I miss of the old Girl Talk is his use of indie music. This album sounds like water got spilt on a wedding dj’s laptop. It’s a mixture of current hip hop and cheesy wedding hits. The only extent of indie music I heard was the ever so familiar M.I.A sample or a little bit of Hot Chip and Of Montreal, but if I hear another M.I.A. sample I will punch the next person I see in tribal patterned t shirt. Although the album has a great flow and probably is best being played straight through some of the tracks seem a little bit sloppy.

The mash up game has definitely increased it’s contenders and Girl Talk used to be the heavy weight champion, but with the introduction of a new artists everyday, he is fighting harder than ever to keep his title. The disadvantage that Girl Talk has is that other mash up artists haven’t been charging for their music. The Hood Internet have been keeping pretty current and you can download all of their tracks for free at anytime on their website. So when listening to Feed The Animals, I kept saying to myself, “Oh The Hood Internet already used this sample.” Granted Girl Talk definitely chops ups songs much more creatively than The Hood Internet. But sometimes I just want to hear a song throughly such as the Nirvana vs. Salt N’ Pepa vs. Deelite during “In Step” or Kanye West vs. Montell Jordan Blackstreet during “Still Here”, but those parts of the song only last about 25 seconds to my disappointment. Sometimes, I don’t know if Gregg is trying to be funny, but I don’t appreciate Dawson Creek theme song samples in any song ever. But the album definitely takes some time to warm up, riots would start around “No Pause” and would last until about “Let Me See You.” I am a bit underwhelmed with this album, but Girl Talk is great at what he does because I would never have thought of putting Metallica vs. Lil’ Mama which makes him an innovator if not a genius.

You can download the album for whatever price you want at Illegal Art. I’m still waiting for it to be released on vinyl via Wham City cause then I can really pretend I’m a dj. But until then you will see me droppin’ like its hot to “Hands In The Air” when I see Girl Talk at Lollapalooza. Here’s hoping that I don’t get trampled to death!

Girl Talk – Hands In The Air [MP3] [Illegal Art]


3 responses to “Album Review | Girl Talk – Feed The Animals

  1. i think it’s a big misconception that girl talk ever used “indie” tracks. he has always been about top 40 and pop, from his first album up til now. there’s always a little pixes or something in there, but it’s definitely not the focus. that’s the point… making a giant pop collage. with that said, this is his best album

  2. I think he certainly tries to be “funny” or “ironic” I’m listening to the mix right now for the 3rd time and I’m not upset I flowed him $7.74 for it.

  3. sanita's sister

    This is a good review. I approve of this message.

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