A Huge Mistake

I have made a huge mistake. That is that I assumed that the blogosphere would have heard about The Golden Error way before I did! I was trying to hype some tracks by them and I found that was virtually impossible because they are virtually an impossible band to find online other than their myspace. So I want to say is what’s up blogosphere? I’m usually 10 steps behind when finding music. So I’m highly disappointed. Granted they do only have their 7 song album that is only avaiable on 12′ vinyl format, but this Brooklyn based band are part of the indie punk noise genre and already pre-approved by Parts & Labor. The catchy guitary screeches blend perfectly with the spastic yelling. Recommended for fans of Abe Vigoda and Cardboard Records connoisseurs. So blogosphere here is your chance to listen to The Golden Error.


The Golden Error – Hunted [MP3] [ Myspace] Buy their new album through Myspace via paypal!

Other updates:

We have been lacking a little bit, but it’s because we’ve been working hard to get you guys some new album reviews and show previews. So watch out for those in the upcoming weeks. As always we’re taking requests. So make sure to email us the newest info at toetapsandspasticclaps@gmail.com!


One response to “A Huge Mistake

  1. ha! you didnt make a mistake. this IS one of our first mentions on a blog. email me and i will send you more stuff!

    jordan error

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