Album Review | Wooden Kites – The Orchard

wooden kites Wooden Kites are a relatively new St. Louis band that formed about a year ago and have been rocking that good ‘ole Midwestern country rock ever since. Their debut album, The Orchard, just dropped recently and is simply what the St. Louis music scene needs–which is a fun, hard, country-indie rock band. I mean who doesn’t love whiskey rock? At first listen, I will admit I thought I was listening to Flogging Molly minus the fiddling, but alas I judged too quickly.

The Orchard has an interesting progression. It begins as a simply good ho-down, but as the album continues and drunkenness ensues, it slows down. Courtship has begun and lyrics such as “let’s go to New York City, or Athens, Georgia, we’re young, you’re allowed to f*ck up” discuss how it is to be young and in love. I definitely enjoy the first half of the album a lot more with the exception of the last track, “The Wind.” The concluding track is the slowest of the bunch and probably the simplest, featuring only an acoustic guitar and lead guitarist, Brian’s vocals. The lead vocalist–which I have to mention–reminds me of Gordon Gano from the Violent Femmes and it ain’t a bad thing for sure. A complaint I have to make is about songs “Sailin’ Song” and “Nikki Avery” because I don’t think they fit the album. It’s like a strange intermission of pirate jamz. I can kind of get a connection like, country folk drink and so do pirates? Maybe they were watching Pirates of The Caribbean at the time? I wouldn’t know.

My favorite track is ” You and Me and The Bottle Makes Three” because it’s fun and cute. It’s about, as you guessed it, having a little inebriated fun. But I think fun and cute is probably the best representation of the album. So if you want a Violent Femmes-eque ho-downs then listen to the first half of The Orchard, maybe the end of it if you prefer Page France-like slow jamz, or the middle because you just like Pirate music. It’s quite convenient that Wooden Kites also happen to sit right nicely next to my Yonder Mountain String Band in my itunes. Coincidence? I think not! Wooden Kites definitely offer a wide range with this album and they aren’t a band you want to ignore. Definitely hope to see them around the St. Louis circuit one day. Make sure to check out their blog!

Wooden Kites – Our Secret In The Orchard [MP3] [Amazon]

Wooden Kites – You and Me and The Bottle Makes Three


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