Where Is He Now?: Sebastien Grainger

Death From Above 1979 was my jam throughout my high school days.  When they split, I was sad to see the two best mustaches in the biz go, to say the least.  It was cause for much celebration when I shortly thereafter discovered DFA 1979 drummer and singer Sebastien Grainger has been keeping on that music tip with his solo project, Sebastien Grainger and the Mountains.  Now a four-piece band, SG&TM have played a string of shows here and there, and have recently released their first 7″ and digital EP, American Names. While the EP is only available through iTunes Canada, I am willing to wait it out until it reaches the states.

Grainger’s new sound is more smooth and soulful than the brutality that was DFA 1979, proving to be quite a departure from his humble beginnings.  I can only hope that he and his ‘stache continue to provide his fans with the freshest beats he possibly can.  Check out the tracks below, they are demos I found a while back that may or may not be on the EP–we’ll just have to wait and see.

Sebastien Grainger – When You Go Out [MP3]

Sebastien Grainger – Are There Ways To Come Home? [MP3]


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