God Warriors Of The Week

The God Warriors for the week of June 8 are High Places!

Brooklyn’s own tropical-psych lovelies High Places have been deemed this week’s God Warriors because a) They are currently making their way around Europe with Deerhunter and Liars, b) Will later be making their way around the states with TT&SC faves Abe Vigoda and No Age, c)  Will be playing Pitchfork this July.  But no, they are not simply awesome by association, dear readers.  Their music makes my list of perfect summer tunes to jam out to while enjoying my time off from school.  HPs’ Mary Pearson and Robert Barber have additionally been collaborating on a sweet blog, documenting the trials and tribulations of the touring life.  Read it all up and down, it’s pretty righteous.  More bands should be doing that, I think.

Also, their new album, 03/07 – 09/07, is set to release on July 22nd on Thrill Jockey.  I know I’m excited.

High Places – New Grace [MP3] [Insound]

High Places – Shared Islands [MP3] [Insound]


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