Ponytail to Release New Album on We Are Free

Oh, Ponytail. You just do something to me. I don’t know if it’s singer Molly Siegel’s spastic screeching, or if it’s ex-Ecstatic Sunshine’s Dustin Wong’s stellar skills on the guitar, but I just can’t stop listening to this Baltimore four-piece. If you’ve heard the Baltimore band’s 2007 release, Kamehameha, I’m sure you can relate. Their loud, fast, and aggressive sound is somehow fun to listen to. Yes, fun. Or something like it.

It seems like Ponytail is extending the party with their new album, Ice Cream Spiritual, set for release on June 17th on We Are Free, home to such gems as Yeasayer and Indian Jewelry.

While Ponytail has definitely been honing a signature sound over the past few years, Ice Cream Spiritual seems a lot cleaner than their previous tunes. Molly actually sings lyrics instead of projecting her signature howl on “Beg Waves”, reminding me a lot of Deerhoof. “7 Souls” is full of tribal goodness, which is always A-OK in my book. But, I think my favorite track thus far has to be “Celebrate The Body Electric (It Came From An Angel)”. Shit’s tight. Check out all of the tracks and be sure to pre-order your copy on Insound.com!

Ponytail – Beg Waves [MP3] [Insound]

Ponytail – 7 Souls [MP3] [Insound]

Ponytail – Celebrate The Body Electric (It Came From An Angel) [MP3] [Insound]


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