Can I Get A…New Release Playlist

You know summer is a great time for new releases, yet still tragic because I’m extremely poor.  So I’m going to give you cats some reminders of what albums are coming out which also serves as a list of things to buy Toe Taps and Spastic Claps because you love us!

June 3rd

The Angel and  The One [MP3]

Weezer – Red Album[Insound] [Amazon]

White Winter Hymnal [MP3]

Fleet Foxes – S/T [Insound] [Amazon]

Pump Up The Volume [MP3]

The Cool Kids – The Bake Sale [Insound] [Amazon]

Radiohead – The Best Of [Insound] [Amazon]

June 10th

Mr. Carter (feat Jay – Z) [MP3]

Lil’ Wayne – Tha Carter III [Amazon]

June 17th

Call It A Ritual [MP3]

Wolf Parade – At Mount Zoomer [Insound] [Amazon]

July 8th

Ratatat – LP3 [Insound] [Amazon]

Tiny Complaint.  When I was looking for these cds on Amazon to debate whether I actually wanted to shell out cash for them.  I found loads of deluxe additions that were at times $5 more for a mere 3 bonus tracks.  Why release two of the same albums at different prices?  Is the deluxe edition actually worth it?  Then why weren’t the tracks put on the original album?  Marketing ploys and I don’t like it.

Then as I was perusing the site I stumbled on to an indie music section labeled indie music class.  It’s a section teaching you about what indie music you should look into if you are new to the genre.  Seems a little pretencious that indie music is so convoluted that you need a whole section on the site to introduce you to everything.  Music is music and it’s your own journey to what you discover. That’s the fun on finding music and there isn’t anything better than a find of your own.  And…I know this is getting a little long winded, but the there is a vinyl section now which is awesome. BUT I mean people are just buying vinyl like they aren’t anything.  Also I found my Bob Dylan – Blood on the Tracks vinyl for 99 cents at a Salvation Army and there it was on the site for $15. People, music is a journey!  Don’t take it so lightly.  I just don’t know what is going on with the music industry.  I am thoroughly confused.


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