Abe Vigoda is Not Dead!

I’ve been really meaning to write something about Abe Vigoda for quite a while now, and summer break is finally allowing me to do so. I like then because they are different than what I normally listen to, and with just the right amount of punk (a word I really hate throwing around) aggression, their music just gives off this “don’t give a fuck” attitude without all of the leather and studs.

Sharing a name with American actor often erroneously reported as dead (a different story entirely), these Chino, CA tropical punks are a frequent act at The Smell, the LA venue that’s been gaining tons of attention these days for it’s DIY aesthetic and rad performances.

While some of the actor’s more noteworthy works include The Godfather and Good Burger (Keenan and Kel, anyone?), the band itself released Kid City in 2007 and lately I haven’t been able to put it down. Their newest album, Skeleton, is set for release on July 8th.
If you’re a fan of the whole No Age/High Places/Mika Miko/neon clothing craze right now, Abe Vigoda would be a nice addition to your iPod. Although they ain’t coming to St. Louis any time soon (Billiken Club–Fall 2k8, anyone?) you may want to go see them in YOUR town if you have the means.

Abe Vigoda – Animal Ghosts [MP3] [Insound]


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