God Warrior Of The Week

The God Warrior(s) for the week of May 18th are Tiny Masters Of Today.

Oh, to be a child star. There are loads of perks, like getting to go to the Nickelodeon Awards, but sometimes your peers just don’t get you. Hopefully Tiny Masters Of Today haven’t encountered that harsh reality just yet. With pals like Karen O, Nick Zinner, and Angus Andrew, these little kids have been doin’ it big lately, remixing everyone from Liars to CSS. I mean, no big, deal, they’re both under the age of 13. When I first heard about this Brooklyn brother-sister duo, naturally I was freaked out. The thought of two children making such sassy music was beyond me. However, I’ve given it some time and will be ready to see them at Lollapalooza in August.

Tiny Masters Of Today – Hey Mr. DJ (CSS Remix) [MP3] [Insound]


One response to “God Warrior Of The Week

  1. they meant ‘tiny’ quite literally.

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