Album Review | Biopolar Bear – Mountain Dewd

I was introduced to Bipolar Bear when I picked up Love and Circuits: Cardboard Records Compilation. I was highly intrigued upon hearing the song “Gaza Striptease.” The band has a very interesting sound, incorporating fast, punk guitar riffs and Rage Against the Machine-like vocals. This LA based group are not your typical garage rock band or even LA noise rock band either. I wouldn’t say that they are innovators, but they are probably doing what makes the most sense to them.

Moutain Dewd is the title of their first release off of Yosada records and although a great representation of the band, the music gets very predictable by the end of the record. I’m going to guess that they were highly influenced by all the bands featured in the book, Our Band Could Be Your Life. All the songs are very fast and punk yet remain a little bit reminiscent of that LA noise. My favorite song is “Eastsa Pizza Teepee” because it has that strange London hardcore ring to it and is quite pleasing to the ears. Bipolar Bear is good because they aren’t exactly punk. They sound like a more generic and random Maps & Atlases. I’ll class them as good ole noisy indie punk. So if you always wanted to delve into old school punk but are too afraid of what you might get into, then check out Bipolar Bear because they will ease you into the scene quite nicely.

Bipolar Bear – Gaza Striptease [MP3] [Insound] [Official]


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