Ways To Hide Listening To Embarassing Songs

Regardless if you are a hipster or natural hipster, you have some embarrassing tracks on your ipod.

I will be the first to admit to listening to embarrassing songs, but sometimes I do cross the line. I get a little bit obsessed and then it is noted in my last fm. So this is for all you hip kids with last fms that disable scrobbling just so you can listen to that one song, 50 times. You won’t have to live in fear of someone may be seeing “your recently played tracks!” Listed below are a tips to keep your hip indie cred!

1. Create a muxtape of all your guilty pleasures. (A pretty sweet one I “found”)

2. Listen to the song on youtube, sometimes they even come with lyrics!

3. Download the song on Karabit put it on your ipod and listen to it on the go.

4. The obvious. Listen to it on myspace

5. Or you could always just disable your scrobbling like you have been doing.

Disclaimer: Your hypemachine can scrobble the songs that you listen so be careful!

I hope this was helpful. YAY!


2 responses to “Ways To Hide Listening To Embarassing Songs

  1. I keep st-st-st-st-stuttering when I think about air.

  2. Sanita we all know about your MileyCyrus/Jordin Sparks addiction… just give it up

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