Album Review | Russian Circles – Station

As a newly-formed 2 piece outfit out of Chicago, IL, Russian Circles are making huge strides in the experimental progressive Indie genre with their latest album, Station. The album was released May 6th off of Suicide Squeeze records. Similar sounding to Pelican with a mixture of Explosions in the Sky, the band uses a lot of metal guitar riffs yet somehow transcends tracks to light airy melodies.

“Campaign” is the first track off the album and is probably the lightest and prettiest song that you would never expect from this band. Then, you are rudely thrown in to a progressive metal pit of fire. Okay, not really, but I think that imagery is cool. Considering I am a rather new Russian Circles fan, I was pleasantly surprised at how some of their songs could sound so progressive yet poppy–and then somehow the next track would be the soundtrack to some vampire action movie. I don’t really understand what the concept of the band is, but I am quite amazed that 2 people could create such an intricate, mysterious sound. Most of the tracks are long–the shortest track being 4:30 and the longest being 8:43–which of course is what you would expect from any progressive band. The album is pretty convoluted in sound and I just wish they would stick with one genre, but that might be their whole point. So I think I might of missed the whole point of this band and the album. If they made more songs like “Verses” or “Campaign” then they would have a fan in me. So, I would recommend this album to those who would enjoy a metal version of Explosions in the Sky or to people who get it–because I surely don’t.

Nonetheless, I would definitely try to see them when they stroll into St. Louis at the Bluebird, June 4th.

[Edit: I originally posted the cover-art for their previous album, ENTER, on accident. Give us a break, it’s finals week.]


2 responses to “Album Review | Russian Circles – Station

  1. So being a riddle of steel fan, I searched google to find reviews of their latest album and came up with your school of language concert review. You may be interested to know that the drummer of Russian Circles used to be in ROS.

  2. Tis a small world! Thanks for the tip, Bob.

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