God Warrior Of The Week

The God Warrior for the week of May 5 is Eric Copeland!

Eric Copeland is a member of Black Dice, works with Animal Collective’s own Avey Tare in Terrestrial Tones, and is an overall noise pioneer of epic proportions. Signed to the ever-so-incestuous Paw Tracks label, Copeland met most of his band-mates in Providence, Rhode Island while studying at the Rhode Island School Of Design. He and his cronies frequently play at art museums and have released Gore, a book that effortlessly translates their complex sound into images. Unfortunately, it is out of print.

Copeland’s solo album Hermaphrodite is quite similar to Black Dice’s sound, presenting droned-out, abstract soundscapes and a penchant for blurring the lines between electronic and psychedelic. With all of the emerging noise bands and artists these days, Copeland and crew are too legit to be overlooked.

Eric Copeland – Green Burrito [MP3] [Insound]

Black Dice – Bottom Feeder [MP3] [Insound]


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