It’s Hood For the Soul

Is it too good to be true? Because The Hood Internet is coming to St. Louis. Alison and I have been long awaiting for the arrival of THIS concert. Although we are sad that we won’t be seeing them in the convenience of the Billiken Club, we really aren’t going to complain. I’ve already made an event on Facebook, that’s how creepy obsessed I am. I don’t really know how I’m going to stress how awesome The Hood Internet is and how awesome this show is going to be. This is so dear to me that I’m even going to say final schmnals. But I’m going to reveal to guys that Alison and I might be alter egos of the hood and that the world might explode once we meet, but being at the show will some how save you. I think your LIFE is reason enough to go to this show. So the info is FRIDAY, May 9th at 8pm(?) at The Bluebird. So prepare yourself for a crazy night because Toe Taps and Spastic Claps are going to get buck wild for sure.

DJ SLV STV (The Hood Internet) – Blazin’ Kryptonite [MP3]


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