Mahjongg to Play at Pitchfork Music Festival in July!

Can I get a what what?! Not only has Mahjongg managed to put out my favorite release of 2008 thus far, brought the house down during their performance at Camp Concentration in March, but they have granted my wish of playing the Pitchfork Music Festival in July. The year is only bound to become sweeter for these Chicago Illionaires (some members by way of good old Missouri), and I couldn’t be happier. Naturally, I would like to share my love and appreciation for these tribal/electro/experimental gents, so give these remixes of “Tell The Police The Truth” a listen. The first was remixed by Brenmar, the drummer from tiiight Brooklyn band These Are Powers. The second is from Chicago-based electro outfit Clique Talk.

Mahjongg – Tell The Police The Truth (Brenmar Remix) [MP3]

Mahjonng – Tell The Police The Truth (Clique Talk’s Rest Of The Pig Refix) [MP3]

Also, check out Mahjongg performing “The Stubborn Horse” off of their Raydoncong EP on Chic-A-Go-Go to get a glimpse of what you might expect at Pitchfork:


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