Album Review | Skarekrauradio – The Iireal Me Sutura/ The Iireal Me Futura

Toe Taps and Spastic Claps are proud to say that we are the first to review the somewhat St. Louis locales (actually hailing from Tempora, IL but close enough), Skarekrauradio. Their newest album is releasing May 3rd on Apop Records and they will be having a cd/dvd release show at Spooky Action Palace with Ghost Ice, Brain Transplant, Joe Ragliani, Zone Cross, and Soft Serve. The extremely experimental noise rock group is definitely something you don’t want to miss.

When I first received the CD/DVD package, I have to say I was extremely excited. It was packaged like an LP and decorated with hot pink “Kuu” art. Upon opening the inside I found some beaded art, a comic about “Kuu” and a sticker. Skarekrauradio derives a lot of inspiration for their god, “Kuu” and reading the writeup about the band I still can’t say that I completely understand “Kuu” or the “Kuuvolution.” After seeing the band open up for Mahjongg in late March, I was utterly confused if the band had actually played songs or were merely noise jamming. After a thorough listen of The Iireal Me Sutura/The Iireal Me Futura, I have to say that it’s pretty good and represents the band perfectly. Also proves that the band actually have cohesive songs. Each track seems completely different from the next, but somehow all fits on the album. The first track, “Notes to Self (Shoot the Old into Space)” is a spoken track with interspersed random noises/yelling, and is the only way that Skarekrauradio should start an album. My favorite track is “Simulated Tapeworm” and with catchy spastic guitar riffs, it sounds very reminiscent to some Ecstatic Sunshine. Overall, the album features everything a noise band needs which is constant tambourine rattling, pained screaming, sporadic brass parts, and “Kuu”volutionary lyrics. The sad thing about the album is that it is extremely short, only featuring 8 tracks, but maybe that’s why they added a DVD to hold you over. Other standout tracks are “Ultrabuy” and “Kuummunication Breakdown.”

The DVD, I will say, is pretty scary. Definitely not recommended for children nor suitable for work. But I did enjoy watching their recorded live performances which I thought could never translate well, but in fact does when done correctly. Other tips for watching the DVD are don’t watch it by yourself and be wary of what drugs you take (you don’t want to be on any bad trips for this guy.) Skarekrauradio is definitely taking live and recorded performance art to levels never seen before.

Skarekrauradio – Simulated Tapeworm [MP3] [Myspace]

Buy the album by catching one of their shows or emailing


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  1. Very kuul.

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