New Bloods at Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center TONIGHT!

Due to lack of productivity this weekend (my mom visited and we went to see Barry Manilow, no joke. She cried tears of joy upwards of five times during his performance) and insane amounts of homework looming over my head, I am unable to see Portland’s New Bloods tonight at the Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center. The all-girl trio is playing with Worm Hands and Karthik Karakala at 8 pm sharp (which was 30 minutes ago, oopsies).

So tonight, I will be listening to their album The Secret Life on repeat while crying about missing their show. If you have the means, go see them, I promise you will not regret your decision. If you’re as much of a busy-bee as I, listen to their track “Oh, Deadly Nightshade!” and join me in my spite.

New Bloods – Oh, Deadly Nightshade! [MP3] [Insound]


One response to “New Bloods at Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center TONIGHT!

  1. Well, there will be another chance at some point, assuming that New Bloods remains as down-to-earth as they’ve been through their Europe leg of the tour (and there’s no reason to assume otherwise).

    Um, “hello” (the part I should have said earlier). For some reason, WordPress has been “interesting” with what can happen when following suggested entries and tags far enough, to say the least (which hopefully hasn’t creeped you out considerably by this point, with my response). Perhaps I’ll run into you when New Bloods inevitably comes back around to St. Louis. In the meantime, punch Josh for me if he ever misspells my last name wrong again. 😉
    You, however, suffered enough by not getting to go to the show, so you’re off the hook. Unfortunately, the time that shows start happening more frequently is ALSO the time that most academic matters need to be finished, as we all know.

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