God Warrior of The Week

BJ Warsaw is God Warrior of the Week for April 27th

Picture taken at the Billiken Club by Sanita Saengvilay

Mr. Warsaw is single-handedly supporting the beautiful noise rock movement by fronting the Shooting Spires as well as being a contributing member of Parts & Labor . He also helps run independent label Cardboard Records. Currently BJ is divulged in a world tour with Parts & Labor, who are looking for music samples for their next album. You can read more information about it on their blog. But basically, they want a short clip of less than 10 seconds of either sounds or even you speaking about your fears and favorite sounds. I don’t know, but being featured on a new Part & Labor album sounds pretty sweet to me. Maybe I’ll record a clip of myself saying that I’m afraid of motion activated doors not opening for me. Let’s thank BJ for keeping demons off this beautiful planet earth.

Shooting Spires – Right [MP3] [BUY]

Parts & Labor – No Night [MP3] [BUY]


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