Album Review | Tickley Feather – Tickley Feather

The first time I heard Philadelphia’s Tickley Feather (or, Annie Sachs), I was seeing her open for Animal Collective in St. Louis this past September. I was really intrigued by the simplicity of her set and her overall ability to present experimental yet catchy tunes. Her self-titled debut album off of the Paw Tracks label perfectly translates what her live sound is composed of. Looping samples, keyboards, and drum machines piece together perfectly in combination with TF’s raw emotion expressed through her vocals. With 20 tracks–the vast majority under the 3:00 mark–Tickley Feather’s album is like a fucking charming, whimsical storybook or something. It makes me wonder if she deliberately crafted the perfect album to echo amazingly through my apartment. Her sound is out there, in the most beautiful way possible. Eerie nursery rhyme melodies and toy synths soar on tracks like “Nothing 2 B Sad About” and “Night Train”. There are times when I’m listening to her album that all of a sudden, a phat lo-fi beat blasts through my ears (see “Tonight Is The Night”), and my mind jumps to Madonna circa 1988 had she taken lots of acid instead of club drugs. Touted as the “Next Ariel Pink”, it seems that she indeed shares a lot in common with her Paw Tracks label-mate (who I am obsessed with, by the way) in terms of lo-fi production and tons of reverb in her vocals. Interpret that as you will, but I know this album is going to be a favorite of mine for quite a while.

Tickley Feather – Tonight Is The Night [MP3] [Insound]


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