Hold On to Los Campesinos!

Campesino is a spanish term meaning farm worker. It is quite interesting that young UK indie pop band would choose a name such as Los Campesinos. Hold On Now, Youngster is their debut album and came out in Europe a while ago, but has recently been released in the states. I swear they had material before this, but I guess I was wrong. Los Campesinos has accomplished what my friends and I have always wanted to do. Which is start a band straight out of college and gain instant fame.

Consisting of mostly songs from their prior EPs, the album is not much of a surprise. The band stays true to the basic indie sound with catchy synths, chanting, and violins layed on top. Comparisons to bands like Broken Social Scene, the band has yet to completely prove all their abilities on this album. But after seeing them perform at Lollapalooza this summer, I will say that are great performers. As cheesey as it sounds, these kids are excited for life and that makes me excited too, well at least for them. “Sweet Dreams, Sweet Cheeks” is by far the catchiest song off the album and is constantly stuck in my head. I mean you really wouldn’t think you could ever hear yourself singing one blink for yes/ two blinks for no/ sweet dreams/ sweet cheeks/ we leave alone but I do. But this album is highly recommeneded for those wishing to find the formula for creating the perfect indie band. I’m not saying that they are perfect, but I think they could play a part of it.

Los Campesinos – Sweet Dreams, Sweet Cheeks [MP3] [Myspace] [BUY]

(to download track: right click and save target as)


One response to “Hold On to Los Campesinos!

  1. Perfect or not, they’re pretty awesome. Great live, too!

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